The Old Switcheroo

Jess from FBC - Loft Blouse, AE Jeans, Target FlatsPants | Top | Scarf | Flats | Necklace (fun similar) | Heels

I’m an efficient person. I like to be able to do the most things in the shortest possible amount of time, so that I have lots of leftover time to do more things.

… at least that’s what I tried to tell myself last weekend, when I realized that I had 2 holiday parties, one concert, one shopping trip, and a football game to watch all within a span of about 48 hours.

(In reality, I’m much more of a do-enough-things-in-a-reasonable-amount-of-time-then-watch-Netflix sort of gal)

On this particular day in question, I found myself having to bolt straight from a sports bar (for football, naturally) to the grocery store, and then to a holiday party. Turns out, the sorts of things I want to wear to a sports bar are pretty different from the sorts of thing I want to wear to a holiday party (even a casual one)… which is tricky when you have about .5 seconds to change in between events.

Here’s the compromise I came up with: a base outfit of black skinnies and one of Loft’s magical pocket blouses (I’m not the only one who loves them – they’re pretty much the perfect blouse). For the sports bar, I threw on some flats (is it wrong that I want to own them in every color they come in?) and a cozy knit infinity scarf:

Jess2 Jess3 Jess4 Jess6

Then to class it up in the evening, all I had to do was switch out the flats for some heels and the scarf for a blingy necklace, and bam! I was all ready to get my Christmas party on.

Jess10 (1) Jess12

While I was lucky enough to carve out a few minutes to switch accessories at home, what I love about this swap is that I easily could have brought the necklace and shoes with me and put them on in the car once I arrived at the party.

What are your tricks for surviving the crazy holiday season?


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