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Jeans | Sweater (this season’s colors) | Shoes | Earrings (similar)

Every December, my mom and I head to a quaint and charmingly festive small town to do some Christmas shopping and get lunch. This year we hit up Stillwater, MN for its picturesque river views and excellent Jamaican BBQ. It has an adorable main street with brick facades, rare book stores, and garlands strung across the street. It’s a really nice way to get into the spirit of the holidays and get out of the ubiquitous malls and website checkout pages.

Since we were going to be walking around outside a lot (and thus wearing coats that would obscure anything cuter), I took the liberty of wearing my new weekend off-duty uniform: a wintry sweater, pretty earrings (all the better to wear a scarf with, my dear), and my new love – girlfriend jeans. This particular pair hails from Gap’s 1969 line (heads up – they tend to run large), and I am really into their relaxed vibe. I tried a few pairs of boyfriend jeans, too, but that vibe was just a little TOO relaxed. This is the perfect blend of just slightly fitted yet totally not.

merona.booties.wedge.1969.girlfriend.jeans.gap4Jess14merona.booties.wedge.1969.girlfriend.jeans.gap1Jess1 (1)merona.booties.wedge.1969.girlfriend.jeans.gap6

Next up: wearing these jeans with heels to dinner, a button down to work (I’m coming for you, casual Friday!), and sitting on the floor wrapping all the gifts I got in Stillwater.






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    1. Thank you so much! It worked equally well for sitting on the couch binge watching Jessica Jones – now that’s truly what I look for in an outfit 🙂

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