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Emily from Fashion By Committee

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One of the hardest parts about watching the temperatures drop (besides, you know, freezing to death) is watching my favorite warm weather pieces drift to the back of the closet. It’s always goodbye sandals, fare thee well sundresses, toodleoo tank tops and hello scaly, dry skin that only solidifies my status as Chief Lizardperson (anyone else feel like they’ve got two winter modes: freeze dried reptile or well-lotioned, greased pig? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?). But I had a crazy thought the other day: What if (and just go with me on this one) I didn’t have to become the Abominable Cable Knit Sweater Monster every winter? What if I managed to retain just a teensy, tiny bit of my favorite parts of my wardrobe? I knew I couldn’t go too crazy. Flouncy sundresses and bright floral skirts just don’t jibe with the threat of snow (and also reek of a wild eyed, crazypants denial of reality that I’m not quite ready to cop to yet), but a pair of funky tights got me thinking about my favorite flirty skirt (See? I told you that it would be back. Hasta la vista, baby.).

Emily from FBC- This black and white striped skirt from Express is just what this work look needed!Emily from Fashion By CommitteeEmily from Fashion By CommitteeEmily from Fashion By CommitteeEmily from Fashion By Committee

Polka dot tights + Fun skirt + Dat pretty, shiny, enormous, generally unwearable necklace (which you know is my shopping kryptonite) = One kickass winter outfit that’s got me thinkin’ spring (and you marveling at the fact that 1 + 1+ 1 clearly equals 1. See? You do learn something new everyday. Class dismissed, suckas).

Emily from Fashion By Committee
Cue that “The More You Know” star because math is being taught here today.


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