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I find that I’m falling into a pattern with my clothing preferences these days. I’m gravitating towards gray and white/cream neutrals, burgundy, and a cozy mix of drapey/soft clothing (like this sweatshirt top and knit scarf) juxtaposed against a structured item (like this pleated skirt and bow flats).

I think this outfit does a perfect job of summing this all up:

Gray? Check!

Whites and creams? Check!

Burgundy? Check!

Scarves? Check!

Cozy fabrics mixed with structured garments? Check!

Seasonally inappropriate flats? CHECK (I actually ended up adding tights to the ensemble to stay warm)

I love that I’m finally realizing all of this, because it’s making it a lot easier for me to pass up the sales and deals that are everywhere right now. I know I’m not going to reach for that salmon shirt, so maybe I shouldn’t buy it (even if it is 60% off). Given how many crazy cute winter items stores are debuting right now, I can use all the help I can get resisting them!

Jess2 (2)Jess4 (2)  Jess9 Jess6 (2) Jess10Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most important characteristic of my current wardrobe! Here it is:

Makes me super happy?


Wishing you all a happy Friday!


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