3 Girls 1 Holiday: New Years Eve!


It is almost impossible to believe, but today is officially the last day of 2015. And with that comes one of the most controversial holidays of the year, New Years Eve.

A lot of pressure is put on NYE to be FUN! It’s the beginning of a new year, full of possibility and excitement, it’s a chance to say goodbye (and possibly good riddance) to the last 365 days, and it’s basically required for everyone to stay up until midnight, and we all know the best stories happen after 12:01 AM.  It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind that is NYE and have the evening be a bit of a let down.

We at FBC are determined to not let that happen.  So we have put together 3 great NYE looks that guarantees no matter what you decide to do, you will be looking good as the ball drops (ya know, if you stay awake for it…no promises).

Should your preferred evening be a bit low key, perhaps a few board games on the couch with a glass of bubbly or two (AKA, the dream), we think Jess’s pairing of comfy jeans, a nice blouse and some fun accessories may be the perfect look for you:


Blouse | Jeans | Shoes (in other colors) | Necklace (Similar)


Jess2Jess6Or maybe your plans involve a friend’s party, nothing too fancy but definitely a hint of elegance? if that’s the case, we say stick with that old standby, black, but add some super stylish elements like fringe and metallics, like Jeanne did here:

Jeanne5Shirt (Similar) | Skirt | Necklaces (123) | Heels

Jeanne1Jeanne4Jeanne3Finally, we all know the best way to ring in the New Year is covered in sparkle, so no matter what your plans, we think Emily’s look of a sequin skirt, graphic tee and statement necklace is the perfect combo to say cheers to 2016:


Skirt |Shirt | Necklace | Heels (Similar)

Emily4Emily3Emily5So no matter where you are or what you’re doing, we hope these looks inspire you to welcome the new year with style, grace and just a hint of “bring it”!




Misty, Neutral-Colored, Memories….


If someone were to ask me to describe my style (which no one has, but here I go), I would say I am someone who embraces color and pattern to a somewhat overwhelming degree.  This becomes doubly true once the skies get darker and the temps get cooler; I figure nature needs to know all the gray is NOT ok, and the best way to make that clear is sport some vibrant shades (and shove it in nature’s stupid face.)

So yes, in theory, that is my personal fashion mantra.  But, funny story, ever since we started this whole blog adventure, I find myself pulled every increasingly towards neutrals.  I couldn’t begin to tell you when I started choosing camel, grey, navy and black over crimson, emerald, violet and cobalt, but those once go-to hues have seemingly been relegated to supporting cast and neutrals are my new star.

One of my first forays into neutral territory was this all navy look I put together back in September. I picked up this midi skirt at J. Crew and was obsessed, but was finding it difficult to pin down the perfect way to wear it.  Another pattern was too busy, too bright tops overwhelmed, I was stuck.  Finally I threw my hands up and said “fine, navy, you win” and lo and behold, I had a simple yet stylish monochrome outfit I loved.


Jeanne1I learned from that day, and found that a few weeks later, I once again had an item I could not figure out how to wear: a structured black vest.  I tried it on with every color I owned and, wouldn’t you know it, the only thing that seemed to work was a white/navy striped dress.  And there I was, once again, feeling very much not-so-neutral about this neutral filled look.


IMG_3538Finally, one of my favorite looks from this year was when I paired my black and white wrap mini skirt with…you guessed it, a white sweater and black booties. No color here folks, just black, white and cute all over.

FullSizeRender (5)

FullSizeRender (2)
Apparently my real habit of 2015 is always looking slightly to my right…

So while I am proud to say I am a colorful girl, I am betting that in the coming year, that adjective will be used to describe my personality a lot more often than my ensemble.  Don’t worry, I am not giving up my rainbowfilled wardrobe for good, but I am officially convinced that for me, 2016 will be year of the neutrals.