Here’s to Us. Who’s Like Us? Damn Few!


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Two years ago at this exact time…well, I was probably pacing somewhere with a jittery stomach and sweaty palms.  See, today is my husband, T. and my two year wedding anniversary.  Let me be clear, I wasn’t nervous and perspiring two years ago because I wasn’t sure T. was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with; that is one thing I can say I knew with complete, unwavering, and an almost stubborn certainty. But there I was, forming deep circles in a lovely carpet that I could never afford to replace. The reason why? My dress was missing.

Yes, my perfect, gorgeous, princess-fairy-tale-rainbow-unicorn of a dress was not delivered to my wedding venue.  We got married the Saturday after Thanksgiving (told you it was my favorite holiday!) and the dressmaker had promised to get all the dresses there first thing that morning.  We show up, and we are missing exactly one dress, mine.

We scurry into a panic, my mother calling every number she can think of, the chef offering me his wife’s wedding dress from years ago because she is about my size (which is quite possibly the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, I will always remember that). We finally find the dress (the dressmaker “forgot” to deliver it, lovely) and everything seems back on track.

See why I held out? It was a good dress!
See why I held out? It was a good dress!

Suddenly, our photographer arrives and hands me an envelope with a card inside.  That is when I remember.  The one thing I had asked T. do to the day of our wedding (you know, besides show up and say “I do.”) was this very sweet tradition I had seen on some wedding blog where the bride and groom write each other a note to deliver a few hours prior to the ceremony. I loved the idea and demanded we do it.  So there I stand with Tim’s card, and I…had completely and utterly forgot.

I race to chair with a pad of paper and golf pencil (seriously, that’s all I could find). I scribble 3 full pages front and back about how much I love T. and can’t want to spend my life with him, real mushy stuff (the details of which I would never subject you to).  I hand the card back to the photographer to deliver, exhale and go to open his card.  It’s a Hallmark card and inside T. has written 3 sentences: “The dress is here. Everything is ok. I love you”.


IMG_5600FullSizeRenderIMG_5599This story to me is exactly why T. and I are so perfect for each other. T. is a careful planner, I tend to skim over (…forget) details.  I am very open with my emotions, T. is a bit more careful with his words. And most importantly, T. always, always knows how to make me laugh (even when he isn’t trying to).   A lot has happened in two years; we moved halfway across the country, started new jobs, bought our first house, adopted one crazy, lovable dog and through it all, we never stop laughing. So while I may not get to put on a gorgeous rainbow-unicorn dress and declare “til death parts us” every day, I am so grateful that I have someone who will never let me forget that no matter where I am (or what I am wearing), everything is ok and I am loved.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s to Us. Who’s Like Us? Damn Few!

    1. HA! I know, it was crazy! But I guess every wedding has to have one insane close call right? Otherwise, where is the good story you can tell for years to come? 🙂

  1. Talk about panic city, but oh my what lovely photos to cherish of a once in a lifetime day!
    Your wedding dress was in my humble opinion-divine perfection! Those little amazing, gorgeous cap sleeves, the simple but flowing skirt. Lovely, lovely, lovely and you look so beautiful in it. I am a new reader who found you through Lindsey Herzog’s blog: “Ruby Girl” I have been so enjoying the witty posts you three write. Anyway, I just had to comment on “that” DRESS, and this sweet post about you and your hubby!

    1. Annie, oh my goodness thank you so much for your kind words! My dress was by Christos Bridal, and honestly if I could wear it everyday, I would! Again, thank you for stopping by and liking what we do, it means so much to all of us that our hard work and intense sass is being enjoyed. XOXO and Happy Holidays!

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