Sunday Seven Volume 11

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I hope it was full of delicious food and exactly enough family. Here’s a few musings before we dive back into the last 3 weeks of work before Christmas.

  1. Did you guys do any Black Friday shopping? Online or off, still counts. My favorite thing I got was this adorably festive sweater. Tiny reindeer and polka dots! What’s not to love?
  2. You know what really pisses me off? People who pin horrible things like pictures of spiders. I don’t care what magical extermination techniques you’ve cooked up with your essential oils (or whatever “miracle cure” crap is running around the internet these days), Pinterest is supposed to be a place of happiness and joy. Let’s try to keep it that way, m’kay?
  3. Cookies are a big part of my family’s holiday tradition, because we are warm blooded humans. One of my favorite recipes to make is my husband’s family’s Italian ricotta cookies. They’re pretty perfect how they are, but this lemon version sounds delicious, too.
  4. In the spirit of the holidays, we switched out the dog’s regular collar for a red one with a sleigh bell attached. Ho ho ho!

    Please excuse his panicked expression, I was making him wait for his dinner when I took this.
  5. It is officially winter in MN – there is snow on the ground and lows in the single digits. I refused to believe it… until I found myself clearing snow off my car while wearing flats and no socks. That convinced me.
  6. When the sun starts setting at 3pm and there’s pressure to have So Much Fun! during the holidays, it’s easy to feel glum. It’s certainly no cure, but I find that it helps to take time to really marvel at an alien landscape that’s so much bigger than yourself.
  7. Updates from the house hunt: it’s turning into a morbid 12 days of Christmas up in here. So far we’re at 3 failed offers, 2 houses with raw sewage in the basement, and a dead mouse in a living room. We’re horrified of what day 4 might bring us, so we’re taking a break from searching until after the holidays are over.

May your transition back into the real world tomorrow go smoothly, and with much caffeine!

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