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It’s the day after Thanksgiving… which means it is officially CHRISTMAS TIME!

And if you’re anything like us, you know that the trickiest part of the holidays is trying to find just the right gift for everyone. Thankfully for you, we’ve put together a few helpful suggestions on what to get for three particular types of ladies… specifically, ladies like us.

The “Jeanne”: On Trend and On Point

The Jeanne-type friend is totally willing to give the latest trends a shot, but will confidently leave them in the dust if they do nothing for her. Make a beeline for the “New Arrivals” section of the store when you’re shopping for her, but be sure to keep her personality and style in mind!

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  1. Of course, this friend’s style doesn’t stop at her closet – her whole house is adorable, too. So why not give it a little love this Christmas? An easy way to do this is with a pair of fun new throw pillows like these ones with a shiny geometric pattern.
  2. It’s winter, and you know she’s cold. Help her stay warm with one of this season’s awesome new faux fur infinity scarves.
  3. Absolutely no one can resist sparkly accessories – that is a scientific fact. These X rings are such an easy way to top off any outfit, and with so many choices you’re sure to find one that will appeal to your particular Jeanne-type friend.


The “Jess”: Classically and Compulsively Organized

The Jess-type friend is that annoying one with the perfectly organized purse. She LOVES lists, sorts her closet by sleeve length, and instantly gravitates towards classic styles.

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  1. Remember those lists she loves? Why not get her some beautiful new notebooks to throw in her purse for on the go listing? These lovelies from Rifle Paper Co are almost too pretty to write in.
  2. “I have too many pretty trays!” – said no one, ever. Get her one in a gorgeous color, and then don’t be surprised when she serves cookies on it the next time you come over.
  3. These druzy earrings are the perfect balance between classic and trendy, and we promise you that she is just as susceptible to the lure of sparkly things as any other girl.


The “Emily”: Quirky, Artistic, and Annually Voted “Most Likely To Impersonate An Extinct Animal”

The problem with shopping for your Emily-type friend is that her #1 must have gift is usually out of stock. So just in case you can’t get your hands on one in time for Christmas, we recommend playing to her favorite themes, shows, and animals to get the biggest thanks this Christmas.

EmilyGifts1 | 2 | 3

  1. While Etsy on the whole is a treasure trove of gift ideas for this friend, may we recommend a convenient caffeine vessel that will also lay down some daily wisdom from everyone’s favorite mustachioed Parks and Rec hero?
  2. Another must-shop store is Modcloth. But while we guarantee that these sassy cat loafers will make anyone smile, it’s awfully hard to guess someone’s shoe (or worse, clothing) size…. so we highly recommend going the gift card route.
  3. Socks might be boring, but unicorn socks that constantly remind her that she’s the boss (just runnin’ the world and stuff) are anything but (and we recommend checking out the rest of that website for ideas, too).


Hopefully these ideas can help you out with at least one person on your list!

Now go forth and make merry!

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