Happy Thanksgiving from the Gals at FBC!

The Ladies of Fashion By Committee

This time last year, we were just three friends who occasionally showed up to work wearing the same blazer (Blake, America, Amber, and Alexis ain’t got nothing on our sisterhood). While we no longer work at the same place (some of us don’t even live in the same state, *cough, cough* Jess), today we share joint custody of something much, much cooler: this blog. What started as a crazy “you know what would be awesome?” idea back in July has grown into something much more meaningful. It’s been a chronicle of our journeys, a shoulder to lean on in tough times, a sounding board for our ideas, and most importantly, a way for the three of us to stay connected even as our paths take us in different directions.

So while we’re counting our blessings this week, we’d like to tack on one more: You. Thank you for joining us on this adventure, listening to our stories, laughing with (and, when the occasion calls for it, at) us, caring about our trials and tribulations, encouraging our creativity, and supporting us in our endeavors. We are so incredibly thankful for our little online community. Your support means so much to us and well, as usual, Linda really says it best:


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