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I am not going to lie to you all (because we are best friends, and best friends don’t lie to each other), I am just not a fan of Winter. The moment it starts getting dark before 4:00 PM and the breeze feels less like a refreshing sigh and more like an icy howl, I tend to wish I could just curl up in bed and fast forward to April.  Alas, humans never evolved the mechanisms needed for hibernation (lets get on that, science experts!) and therefore are forced to endure the cold months year after year.

You would think my instinct to keep warm would trump any wish to look cute, but somehow year after year I find the holes in my fashion closet are most often those items used for bundling and layering and ya know, keeping your internal body temp above -10 degrees. I am just not the most practical person when it comes to fashion (understatement of the year..) and I tend to forget to buy those warmer items until it’s too late and they are all sold out. So this year, I made a pact to at least try and gather a few practical (but obviously still cute, let’s not get crazy) winter pieces that will allow me to enjoy going outside for at least 15 min before I can no longer feel my feet (…or soul). So now that you know the method behind my madness, check out a few of the pieces that are on my Winter Wish list this year!

Warm yet Fashionable Booties:

Here’s the thing, I don;t care how cold it is, I refuse to wear anything resembling a slipper outside. My rants on the ugliness of Uggs are legend round these parts and not worth repeating now. If you want to wear them, be my guest, but I think they make me look like a schlubby off-duty clown and I ain’t about that life. I refuse to believe no one has yet created a pair of booties that are both flattering and fully-lined, and this winter I am determined to find them.  Oh hey look, I did!:



1 | 2 | 3

These beauties can be worn with anything! Pants, dresses, skirts (accompanied by some warm tights of course), whatever.  The best part? Your toesies will be warm and toasty and your style will be on point (and I won’t judge you in public).  It’s a win/win/win!

A (Faux!) Fur Stole:

One trend I have been seeing everywhere that I am kinda diggin’ on hard is the fur stole.  I think it adds a sense of old Hollywood glam to your look, and what look doesn’t need that? Obviously I would only buy fake fur, because I love me some cute cuddly animals.  But seriously, how warm and soft do these look?:


1 | 2 | 3

Throw one of these on over a brocade a-line dress or even just skinny jeans and a turtleneck sweater and you are channeling some serious Rita Hayworth or Jayne Mansfield vibes. And finding something that makes you feel glamorous during a bleak and dark winter? Worth its weight in gold.

A Sweater Worthy of a Salty Sea Captain:

I do have my share of sweaters, though my rainbow is not yet complete (and once it is, I’m going for a double rainbow!). However, most of my sweaters are a little big lighter in terms of warmth.  They are perfect for layering, but not so much for throwing on and running out they door.  I want a sweater that can stand up to the elements, one that a grizzled (yet fashion-forward) man smoking a corncob pipe would see me sporting and nod in approval. One, perhaps, like these:


1 | 2 | 3

If those sweaters don’t give you the urge to curl up in front of the fire with a hot mug of cider, then you are either A) broken or B) living in a place where the temps never drop below 70 (if it’s B, take me with you!). I can’t wait to get one of my own and pair it with a structured mini skirt and booties or a great pair of skinny cords. Here’s hoping one ends up under the tree (and by that I mean sitting on my bed when I get home; no way I am waiting another 5 weeks to get my hands on something so warm and snuggly!).

A Bit of Holiday Bling:

So not EVERYTHING can be practical!

I actually only started wearing jewelry about 2 years ago; before that I would never think to complete an outfit that way and now I barely go a day without adding a statement necklace or earrings (making up for lost time I guess…). Considering I started my jewelry collection not too long ago, I actually have a pretty decent haul and am finally starting to feel like I truly have everything I need…almost.

I tend to be more of a gold person when it comes to my jewelry but the second the holidays come around I find myself very attracted to silver pieces.  Maybe they remind me of tinsel, maybe I think silver will shine brighter when I am lost in a snow drift and rescue crews are looking for me, who knows?  Whatever the reason, come November I am all about the sparkly silver life.  I have a decent collection of statement and collar necklaces in silver, but I am in dire need of a longer necklace in that particular metallic. Here are just a few I am coveting currently:


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

I know they won’t keep me warm, but they’ll make me happy, and isn’t that even better? (Ehhh…no.)

So there you have it, my Winter Wish List in all it’s cute and cozy glory. For all those looking for the perfect holiday gift for me, look no further.  For all those looking for the perfect holiday gift from me, make your own list and send it along because, as previously mentioned, I am one crappy gift giver!

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