Jess’s Winter Wish List

I’m excited to buck the trend here and announce that I LOVE winter. It’s my second favorite season (after fall, of course). Yes, it’s cold – but I love warm clothes. And yes, it’s snowy – but I think snow is gorgeous (and yes, I DO have to drive in it and am staring down an entire MN winter’s worth of street parking!). I just can’t resist the sparkle, the lights, and the strangely magical hush that falls over even the biggest cities at night after a heavy snow. I’m thrilled to be back in the land of real winter (I’ve even booked a trip even FURTHER north at the end of December!), and I think this wish list reflects my desire to thrive and shine in these darker months.

Some Subtle Shine


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My family generally keeps it low key and casual for the holidays, so there’s no excuse need to go all out with the holiday bling… but a little casual shine never hurt anyone. Why not live it up in a cozy top that just so happens to shimmer or sparkle?

Warm Midi Skirts


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I have figured out, through plenty of trial and error, that a slightly longer skirt + fleece lined tights is often just as warm if not warmer than dress pants. And the combo often plays nicer with the snow-boots-to-dress-shoes switcheroo that is often necessary in the winter here (Dress pants stuffed into cute snow boots? Dorky. Cute snow boots under a skirt? Snow princess.). So I’m hoping to add one or two thick midi skirts to my closet this winter.



A Little Bit of Sparkle


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I definitely love me a good statement necklace, but now that it is freezing out I find myself depending more and more on scarves to stay warm in the office – and they don’t play nice with my pretty necklaces. Instead, I’d like to expand my collection of pretty sparkly earrings so I can keep the party going while still staying warm.

Black Boots


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So heartbreak time. I never found the perfect pair of cognac boots that I was lusting after in my fall wish list. I know. It’s distressing. But the dubiously silver lining is that I figured out that if I’m being real with myself, I’m probably going to get way more use out of a pair of BLACK riding boots, at least when it comes to work outfits. So now I’m aiming my sights on some tall black boots…. which at least should be easier to find than the perfect pair of cognac boots.


Wish me luck!

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