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This week, I’m getting ready to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family in my childhood home. My parents and sister will be there, my only living grandparent will be there, my husband will be there, and my pets will be there. It will be small, but it will be wonderful.

The best part? Instead of saying goodbye 2-3 days later like I had to last year, I’ll get to see them again on Saturday to bake Christmas cookies. And then again the next week, for my mom’s choir concert. We’ll trim the tree together. We’ll get to partake in our favorite holiday traditions, like going to see a show a the theater and driving around the neighborhoods with all the best lights. And we’ll get to make new traditions, like embracing my husband’s Italian heritage by cooking the feast of seven fishes on Christmas Eve.

When M and I made the decision to move from MO to MN to be closer to my family, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. We knew that we were signing ourselves up for months, minimum, of total suck. We miss our friends, we miss our space, and we miss the stability and comfort that comes from living somewhere for years. But through all of that, we are so incredibly thankful to be here. We both value family so much, and I – personally – am beyond thankful that M loves mine and they love him back. We are thankful for the jobs we have, for the fact that our MO house sold quickly, and for the warm welcome my parents have given us as we settle into their home.

There’s still a lot of stress and uncertainty, but when I look around the dinner table this Thursday, I will see every reason why I know this was the right move.

And I will be thankful.

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