Emily’s Winter Wish List

I know this is going to come as a total shock to you because I’ve never, ever mentioned this before (can you feel the sarcasm?), but I am not a huge fan of being cold. So for this bird boned, cold blooded, lizard person winter is the absolute pits. I mean sure, freshly fallen snow is beautiful to look at while you’re all snug inside with your blanket and hot coco. But you’re going to have to leave that warm cocoon eventually and that, my friends, is when everything is awful. So here are some of the items I’m counting on getting me through the next few months of this:


Cozy sweaters made for curling up in

Growing up, I was never a huge fan of sweaters. Maybe it was the scratchy yarns, the suffocating turtlenecks, or the fact that sweatshirts and hoodies were just easier. But now that I’m an adult, sweats are an unacceptable wardrobe choice 5 out 7 days in the week (plus, I’ve found I truly appreciate a bit more polish in my everyday life. Go figure!). While my cardigan game isn’t half bad, my sweater collection is sorely lacking. So this winter, I’m itching (see what I did there?) to stock up on some soft layers.

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A warm coat with a cool detail 

One of my biggest gripes when it comes to coats is that they tend to be nondescript, shapeless sacks of heavy fabric. There’s just something incredibly bummer-ific about putting together a super cute outfit and then having to throw on a boring, boxy overcoat on top of it. This season I’ve got my eyes peeled for a topper that’s got some definition at the waist and a little bit of unexpected detailing. It’s time my outerwear reflected my innerwear.

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A relaxed cap that’s no slouch

I’ve been searching for a few years for the perfect slouchy knit hat with just the right amount of devil-may-care cool attitude. You know the ones- the hat that says, “sure my hair may be flat and static-y underneath all this yarn, but I don’t care because I’m too cool for school and too sexy for this runway (so sexy, yeah)“. Every hat that I have purchased, however, has made me look like Disney’s eight dwarf, Disgruntled. Not this year, my friends. Not. This. Year.

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Stylish boots for toasty tootsies

If I had to pick one thing that I absolutely loathe about winter (you know, besides all of it), it would be frozen appendages. As a person whose hands and feet are ice cold in the dead of summer (I can never tell if I’m running a fever because everything is hot when you have icicles for fingers), I dread the colder months because chill only exacerbates the issue. This season, I’m hoping to retain feeling in my toes by slipping them into some cozy, fully lined boots. Now, I am in possession of neither igloo, spaceship, nor snowboard, so your typical winter weather stompers are just not going to gel well with my wardrobe. So I am on the hunt for warm boots cleverly disguised as regular boots. Wish me luck.

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*Sigh* a girl can dream, can’t she?

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