Sunday Seven Volume 10

Happy truncated Thanksgiving workweek everybody! If your office is anything like mine, it will be a veritable ghost town this week (So get your work done early, because the office chair races start at noon. First prize is a picture of a turkey I drew that looks suspiciously like a hand). Oh, and in case you needed an extra nudge to get into the holiday spirit, here’s this week’s installment of the Sunday Seven (I don’t think you’re ready for this cranberry flavored jelly):

  1. You ever look at your cup of hot chocolate and think, “Man, I hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but could this nectar of the gods be even better?”. Guess what? It can be. Here are some recipes that I am personally dying to try out in the hopes of elevating my beverage game.  
  2. One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions (besides hanging with the fam and turkey, obvi) is putting up the Christmas tree while watching a hysterically non-holiday movie. Previous winners have included Team America: World Police, Tropic Thunder, and of course, the Lord of the Rings marathon (the perfect epic for when you need to take the lights to Walmart (but you do not know the way)).
  3. Ah, November. Time for falling leaves, giving thanks, eating turkey, and raining down judgement when People magazine announces their Sexiest Man Alive. Doesn’t matter who they choose, they always choose wrong (exception: Thor).

    Maybe next year, JGL
  4. I love being busy, but Master of None and Jessica Jones aren’t going to watch themselves, dammit.
  5. You guys, Adele entered an Adele impersonator competition. Hilarity and chills ensued. Check it out here (you’re welcome in advance).

    And the award for the best Adele goes to… Adele!
  6. Sometimes I think I’ve learned more from YouTube than I ever did at school… but then I do the math and realize that YouTube never taught me math.
  7. Have an awesome holiday everybody! Eat lots of pie and hug people (if you’re in to that sort of thing) and kick back and take a much deserved break- you’ve earned it, kid.acid_picdump_86

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