Confessions Of a Fashion Drama Queen

Emily from FBC

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I love drama. There, I said it. It’s not just over the top necklaces anymore (though let’s be real, that is a very large portion it). I find I’m not satisfied until I find that one thing that transforms an okay outfit to an “Oh wow!” one. Sometimes it’s a dramatic color combination. Sometimes it’s mixing patterns with reckless abandon. Hell, sometimes it’s just trusting that the outfit itself makes the statement. In my experience, almost any outfit can be improved by one kickass piece. Take this outfit for example: Before it was just an LBD yearning for adventure. Add a blanket scarf (you know I love ’em) and BAM! This outfit just went from blasé to “Badass from Brigadoon” (and isn’t that what every girl wants?).

Now, I’m sure you may be wondering how you too can inject a little theatricality into your threads. Well, I’m happy to tell you the secret is simple: Buy things that make you happy and then wear them. Seriously, it’s just that easy. While you’re picking up your sensible basics that you just know will pair with x, y, and z, occasionally allow yourself to try on that wildly patterned dress you keep staring at from across the store or buy that crazy, cool pair of shoes you love but can’t quite justify (take it from me, a pair of spiky gold flats are a lot more useful one might think). If you always trudge up and down the same path without change, you will find yourself in a rut.

Emily from FBCEmily3

Emily from FBCEmily from FBCEmily from FBC

So, stop analyzing and trust your gut. Life it too short to not give in to your creative whimsy every now and then.

Emily from FBC


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