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Emily from Fashion By Committee

Maybe it’s all the festive vibes or just the new plethora of the pumpkin spice everything, but this November has been particularly fancy. I’ve had the opportunity this month to attend/work not one, but TWO fancy schmancy events that required dusting off the ol’ cocktail dress and debating just how many hours my toes could possibly withstand high heels (I view these opportunities as a personal game of Survivor– out walk, out stand, out to find a chair/horizontal surface to sit on). While I enjoy getting all gussied up, there’s always a little part of me at these kinds of events that’s waiting for my carriage to turn back into a pumpkin. Aaaaand since a crazy, cool lady has yet to pop out of thin air and gift me with a super awesome ball gown, I’m on my own to figure out how to dress for these things… which frankly, leads to a lot of this:

Seriously, if you can’t name that movie, we can’t be friends. Anyway, Jeanne and I were incredibly fortunate enough to be able to attend the runway presentation of the second annual Caleres Emerging Designer competition presented by Saint Louis Fashion Fund (read more about their incredible mission here). It was an amazingly cool evening that saw five up and coming designers/design teams go head to head in a glamour battle royale (all in the hopes of maybe one day becoming America’s Next Top Designer. The winner, Katherine Polk from Houghton is definitely going places!).  So what does one wear to sit in the same room as international fashion icon Iris Apfel (Can I just be her when I grow up? Can we make that a thing?) and watch some absolutely amazing designs float down the runway? If you’re me, the answer is go dark or go home (and for once in your life try and keep it simple). The embellished neckline on this dress means not having to worry about which absurdly large statement necklace pairs best with the vibe of the evening and the combination of dark tights and my favorite buckled booties means I look a smidgey bit taller (you know, the kind of taller that says “put me in coach, I’m ready to take my perpetual RBF down this runway”).Emily from Fashion By CommitteEmily from Fashion By Committe Emily from Fashion By CommitteEmily from Fashion By CommitteEmily from Fashion By Committe

Event number two was one of those unavoidable days in the non-profit world: the BIG fundraiser. Remember my post a few months back? Yeah, that was the half marathon, training wheels race leading up to the BIG one. It’s a lot of fun (it’s not every day you get to see your coworkers dressed to the nines OR take a bunch of photos in the fanciest bathroom you’ve ever stepped foot in) and a lot of work. So, it pays to wear an outfit that’s comfortable and maneuverable (and bring flats because homie don’t play that ‘saw my feet off at the end of the day’ game). Cue this no muss, no fuss dress. It’s simple, sleek, and pairs well with just about everything (get ready to see shirts and sweaters layered over it people, because I am in love). Paired with my new favorite necklace and my fierce leopard pumps, I’m ready for a stylish night of greeting people and running around behind the scenes.

Emily from Fashion By CommitteEmily from Fashion By CommitteEmily from Fashion By CommitteEmily from Fashion By CommitteEmily from Fashion By Committe

Look #1: Dress (similar) | Booties (similar)

Look #2: Dress  | Heels | Necklace

(ps- I promise to never take photos on my iPhone again… until the next time I forget to bring a real camera with me)

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