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Let me preface this post by saying that this is not a sponsored post at all – this is just the musings of a girl who was so worn down by marketing that she decided to try a new thing… and liked it.

You ever notice how there are some brand/stores/products that bloggers seem to review over and over and over again? There are just some brands that I sometimes suspect spend their entire marketing budget on blog sponsorships (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). One of those brands I’d seen popping up again and again was White Plum. And not just on style blogs – I’ve seen White Plum sponsored posts on lifestyle blogs, food blogs, all kinds of blogs. I’d seen it so often, I was actually starting to get curious and doing a little window shopping (you win, marketing teams). The post that finally pushed me to click “buy” was this one by Audrey at Putting Me Together where she raves about a particular dolman tunic… specifically the line about how it could hide a post-Thanksgiving dinner food baby, hah. By some magical coincidence, I also had a coupon for 60% off this particular top, so I shrugged and ordered it. I figured that absolute worst case scenario, I’d have a cozy lounge top to wear around the house.

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Actual verdict upon receiving it? Absolute love. I wore it twice the first week I had it. The fabric is soft and drapes perfectly, and the color I picked (“wine”, of course) is perfectly rich. The sleeves are plenty long enough (always a concern for me, as I have abnormally long arms), and the more-fitted bottom of the shirt makes the draping seem intentional instead of baggy. My only complaint is that shipping was a) not free and b) REALLY slow (it shipped via DHL, which was a new one for me). Also, it claims to be a tunic, and while it is technically a little longer than a normal top, I sure as heck wouldn’t recommend wearing it with leggings. But overall it’s amazing and I’m waiting for it to go on sale so I can buy more colors (can’t decide between olive and black!).

And, uh…. don’t be surprised if this top ends up making an appearance in my Thanksgiving day look.

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