Sunday Seven Volume 9

Happy Sunday everyone! Jeanne here with another exciting addition of The Sunday Seven! Raise your hand if you’re ready to catch up on another week gone by while snuggling in bed with your favorite warm beverage and hopefully a cute companion.

I meant pet, what were you thinking...
I meant pet, what were you thinking…
  1. Call me crazy, but November is actually my favorite month of the year. It’s smack dab in the middle of Fall, so usually it’s 30 days of gorgeous colors and brisk weather. Plus you finally get to take all of those comfy sweaters, scarfs and boots out of their summer hibernation! And of course, the best part of November…
  2. THANKSGIVING! Y’all, hands down my favorite holiday, bar none.  No gift stress, no FOMO with 20 different parties, all of which are always a let down, just family and FOOD. Oh the food. This time of year, my daydreaming revolves almost entirely around bowls of stuffing dancing past my head and I am not ashamed.

    New Thanksgiving motto
  3. I know it’s not even mid-way through November, but I am already stressing about what gifts I am going to get for all those on my personal good list (believe me, there is a naughty list, and those fools get nothing but judgement and sarcasm…which is actually what the majority of those on my good list get too. Huh.). I am actually a horrible gift giver; mostly because I spend weeks trying to think of the perfect gift for everyone and nothing ever seems good enough so then at the last minute I panic and grab something super generic. Luckily, fellow Target lover and genius blogger Katie of Style On Target has already started to put together some genius gift guides and I am definitely going to be using those for inspiration! And for those wondering what to get me (hint hint), the ladies of FBC will be posting our Winter Wish Lists very soon (ok, not so much “hint” as full on “here is exactly what I want and where to get it for me!” What can I say, I like to be helpful).
  1. Contrary to the first half of this list, I do have other things on the brain besides the holidays (there’s a lot of room up there people!). Y’all are fully aware of my love of the musical Hamilton, so you cannot be surprised that I am obsessed with the clip of Lin-Manuel Miranda (aka my personal hero) on the Tonight Show playing Wheel of Freestyle. Dude is an amazing freestyle rapper, and creates incredible verses with crazy words he was only given 5 seconds prior.  I literally watched this video on repeat with my mouth hanging open, it is so insanely cool!

    Dude. Better. WERK!
  2. Everyone knows that this time of year is big on the eating and sleeping and not so much on the…well anything else. Especially considering it gets dark by what, noon? For those of you like me who enjoy working out but just can’t get motivated when it’s freezing and pitch black outside, I definitely recommend checking out Darebee Workouts. These are great visual workouts for everyone, no matter what your level of ability. They require basically no room and very rarely any equipment, and many of them have fun themes (just one step closer to being a superhero…). For the record, I am also pro full on hibernation for the winter, but this is just one more (equally respectable) option.
  3. My husband T is turning the big 3-0 in a few short months (no, I will not divulge my own age, but I will happily rat out the love of my life!), and we are starting to consider the perfect way to celebrate.  Any of you have amazing birthday stories to give this girl a bit of inspiration?

    You know, something so outstanding he’ll make this face
  4. I know we tend to shy away from more serious topics here on FBC, but the situation in Paris that echoes the landscape of so many other countries around the world right now deserves a moment of all of our time and thoughts. It is easy to think that is happening far away and doesn’t affect us, but we all exist in this world together and have to stand side by side through both our triumphs and our tragedies. Here is a link to an article in Time Magazine that lists ways we can donate time and money to those in Paris who need us. Let’s do whatever we can to show that these senseless acts of violence will not defeat us but instead inspire us to create a world for future generations that will only know of these horrific stories through the chapters in their history books. This is our home and it’s the only one we’ve got, so let’s make it a good one.
We pray for Paris, and all those around the world who are victims to this violence


Sorry to end on a downer, but it is never a bad idea to take a moment to reflect on the bad in life and appreciate the wonderful. On that note, go off and enjoy your Sunday!



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