I’m Naming My First Born Child “Target”

Emily from FBC

Jacket (Target) | Jeans | Scarf (similar) | Sunglasses (similar) | Flats (similar but the originals are from Shoe Stop)

Now this is a story all about how Target got my life flipped, turned upside down (finish it, you know you want to)… Like every other human being on the face of the planet, I have a pretty intense relationship with Target. The moment those doors part like the Red Sea and I catch a whiff of burnt popcorn/Starbucks, I’m immediately transported to a different and better place. It’s a place where the fit and flare dresses roam, the blankets are extra cozy, and the greeting cards are actually funny. Show me a girl who isn’t drawn to the cosmetics section like a moth to a flame and I’ll show you a person with stronger willpower than I. And I confess, I have often found myself wandering those storied aisles wondering, “Is there anything they can’t do?”. Well friends, I am here today to tell you my friends the answer is a resounding no. Target is my Room of Requirement (10 points to Ravenclaw!).

How can I be so sure? Let’s take a moment to remember my Fall Wish List, shall we? On it I listed items like chambray shirts (they have those), brightly colored pants (yup, got ’em), and my dream jacket (GUESS. WHAT.). That’s right, the perfect leather topper that I let slip through my fingers last season magically appeared on the racks at my favorite hangout a few weeks ago (but, you know, it was actually affordable and not $400?). It was one of those heart-skips-a-beat-then-comes-the-hysterical-laughter-and-tears moments (we all have those, right?).Emily from FBCEmily from FBCEmily from FBCEmily from FBC

Emily from FBC

So, I’m not sure what blood ritual I accidentally performed (are you there Target? It’s me, Emily) to summon this magical jacket, but..

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