Sunny Day Dreaming


Pants | Shirt (similar) | Boots (similar) | Scarf (similar) | Bag (yay yellow!)

Remember when it was warm out? When the sun shone long into the evening, and even wearing a scarf was pushing it a little, clothing-wise? When restaurants still offered outdoor seating, and you had no idea where your gloves even were?

Jess1 Jess8 Jess6I’m pretty sure it was just last month, but it feels like it was about a million years ago. Case in point: I’m wearing this exact getup today, but between the scarf I have wrapped around me like a blanket (wait, is that why they call them blanket scarves?) and the massive winter coat bundled around me, you would never know it.

So let’s all just sit here, huddled in our blanket scarves, and be jealous of Past Jess who looks so warm and happy in that early fall sunlight.

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