Flannel On!

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I’m not sure if you noticed, but for a girl with limited wardrobe space, I’ve been spending quite a lot of time and money acquiring new plaid … everything. Bonus points if it’s flannel.

Unfortunately for me (and, let’s be honest, everyone else in the chilly world), while it is ridiculously warm and cozy, plaid flannel isn’t the #1 most professional thing to wear. That doesn’t stop me in the slightest from wearing it to work, it just means I need to get a little bit more strategic than just throwing it on over pants.

Thankfully for me, almost everything looks more polished once you add a pencil skirt. Throw one on, and boom, I’m putting the snappy back in my snappy casual dress code.

Jess6 Jess12 Jess11Pro tip: for an extra good time while taking pictures, be sure to take a moment to shoot the hair binder on your wrist at an offending leaf. It’s like stopping to smell the roses, only you’re much less likely to miss your target when smelling roses (thankfully).


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