Color and Pattern and Texture, Oh My!

Emily from FBC

Cardigan (similar) | Shirt | Dress (similar) | Shoes (similar)  | Necklace

If there’s one thing that this whole blogging thing has encouraged (besides my shopping habit- shoes aren’t just going to buy themselves, people), it’s fashion mixology. Where I used to lean heavily on one item (I own A LOT of dark, skinny pants) to get by, I find myself seeking out more adventurous options. This has me excavating the tombs of outfits past and reevaluating the versatility of everything. For example, I’m not entirely sure how I managed to get this far in life without realizing that dresses are just unitard skirts waiting to have a shirt tied over them (Mind=blown). Every time I have one of these little revelations (you know, just little common sense things that occur to me lightyears after everyone else has figured it out), I feel a tyrannosaurus rex with full sized, proportional arms: un-freaking-stoppable.

Emily from FBCEmily from FBCEmily from FBCEmily from FBCEmily from FBC

So, while Past Emily would have never dreamed of layering anything other than *maybe* a cardigan over her dress (but a cardi in a no nonsense neutral shade, because let’s not get too crazy), Present Emily is so drunk with power she says, “You know what’s cool? EVERYTHING. Why should we choose between color, pattern, and texture? Eff it! Wear it all!”.

Emily from FBC

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