Sunday Seven Volume 8

Another week down! How’s everyone feeling? Ready for Monday? Me neither. But that’s ok.

  1. First, a moment of celebration. Because…


Can we get a high five?


It’s crazy to think that we’ve clicked the Post button 100 times already! Thank you all for reading, commenting, and generally being amazing :).

2. I, like many people, like to celebrate with a delicious beverage. As I write this, I am celebrating 100 posts by sipping a screwdriver in a sports bar while my husband watches football (fun fact: this bar gets better internet than our current digs). But, given the chill in the air and the gorgeous trees everywhere, I wish I was curled up in front of a fireplace sipping one of these. Doesn’t that just look amazing? And so easy.

3. The house hunt continues. Latest concerning findings: carpeted bathrooms. Multiple. Carpeted. Bathrooms. WHY. WHY WOULD YOU EVER DO THAT.

4. This whole saving-my-November-budget-$$’s-for-Black-Friday thing is going well, in the sense that it’s November 8th and I have yet to spend a dollar. But it’s going poorly in the sense that I am making a Black Friday wish list, and I’m preeeeeetty darn sure it’s going to exceed $150. Notable items on my list: black leather boots, cable knit sweaters, and every single Fresh Sugar lip color ever made.


5. The fit bit life: I’m living it. I’m loving it. I’ve learned that I sleep poorly, I have a hard time hitting 10,000 steps, but I climb 20+ flights of stairs a day. Go me.

6. Do you spend much time considering your own self care? It’s something I’ve found myself thinking a lot about lately, especially in the face of an entirely new life and lots of uncertainty. Sally from Already Pretty does a really good job of summing up how style can be an important component of your self care routine (if it’s something that works & is a priority for you – it doesn’t have to be!). Other things that help: spending time outside appreciating the sunset… even if it is only 40 degrees out.


7. There are two kinds of people: those who freak out if they don’t have their Christmas shopping done by Christmas day, and those who freak out if they don’t have to done by Black Friday. I fall firmly in the latter category, and it is stressing me out like whoa that I don’t have a single gift purchased yet (damn you, lack of storage space!). Where do you fall on that spectrum?


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