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Emily from Fashion by Committee

All items from Paisley Boutique (except the hair ties- those are from the bottom of my purse)

If I could bottle up one feeling and give it to the world, it would be the thrill of discovering an awesome outfit. There’s just something super awesome about slipping into something you were unsure about and finding out that it better than you could have imagined. it’s a the-clouds-part-and-all-the-chubby-baby-angels-are-dropping-crazy-sick-beats moment that is pretty unbeatable (It’s a feeling I first experienced when after a long, exhaustive search, I finally stumbled upon the perfect jumpsuit). Friends, I’m here to tell you that this outfit is like the fall version of that same outfit high.

This skirt is the perfect bridge between my typically more graphic sensibilities (give me stripes or give me death!) and the super chill bohemian vibes that are everywhere this fall. I must admit, that I was a bit skeptical at first. I mean what was I going to pair with such a colorful skirt? Turns out the answer was red lace up sandal/pump/boots and a cute, floppy hat (I mean obviously Emily, how could you not see that?).

Emily from Fashion by Committee Emily from Fashion by Committee Emily from Fashion by Committee Emily from Fashion by Committee

I’m not kidding, y’all- I dig this outfit pretty hard. It makes me feel like the super cool bohemian, princess Stevie Nicks (sans witch vibes?) of the Midwest. And if I were a crazy awesome warrior princess, my skill would be walking and wearing a hat at the same time (which is way more complicated than it looks- trust me).

Emily from Fashion by Committee

Thank you to Paisley Boutique for sponsoring this post! All thoughts, opinions, and shenanigans are 100% my own.

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