Jess’s October Budget

SO CLOSE, you guys. SO. CLOSE.

I was days (literally 4 days) away from coming in under budget this month… and then I realized I had a professional cocktail event for which I needed a snappy dress. And lo, my closet contained zero snappy cocktail event dresses. One panicked trip to the outlet mall later, and I was in possession of a fantastic dress, albeit at the expense of my budget (if you are capable of buying the perfect dress for an event on a strict timetable AND stay in budget, then I applaud you).

Here’s the damage:

Jess's October Budget


Clockwise from top left:

Marled Hi-Low Sweater – $14

Wedge Booties– $27.99

Sunglasses – $7.95 (similar)

J Crew Tee – $17.85

Plaid dress – $19.99 (similar)

J Crew Factory Dress – $49.95


Not pictured (thanks to a ton of end of season sales, I got a lot of cool stuff on clearance that is no longer online):

Mocs – $10.58 (pictured here)

Dotted chambray – $10.58 (same shirt, different pattern)

Sunglasses – $7.95 (similar)


Total $166.84


I have a big goal for November – I am going on a spending freeze until Black Friday weekend, when I give myself permission to blow my entire budget on fantastic sales (but only online, what kind of fool do you think I am?). Stay tuned to see if I can manage it!


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