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Am I the only one here who cannot believe it is already November? It feels like just yesterday we were having BBQs and sitting out by the pool. I swear, the best times of the year just fly by and the worst times (January, February, the work week….) take for-ev-er! Who do we speak to about switching that around?






Anyways, enough about my dreams of one day having control over time (a girl’s gotta have goals!). One of the best things about this time of year is it gives you the opportunity to layer. I love all layers, whether they be style-based or cake-based (Do I talk about cake too much? No, not possible). This season, a huge trend that I can totally get behind is the look of having a long blouse layer peeking out from underneath your sweater.  Most of the time when I am admiring someone in that look, I have realized that the layer is actually built into the sweater. Since that guarantees it always lays right and means no bulkiness, I am 100% pro. However, my sensible side says I already own blouses and sweaters so why buy another item when I can just combine them myself? (Like a mad fashion scientist!) So instead of buying, I’m reviving (Ok, I don’t know if that makes sense, but it was so catchy and sing-songy I couldn’t resist). I made my own layering look by wearing a slightly cropped sweater over my longer gauzy blouse, and I think it totally worked! And now I can save the money I was going to use to buy that sweater and buy something else super cute (Ugh guys, I am so practical it’s crazy).

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