The “FBSee You Later” Burger


And here we are at the end of Halloween week; what a long, strange trip it has been! We here at Fashion By Committee thought it might be fun to celebrate our official first Halloween as bloggers by dressing up as the characters from one of our favorite shows, “Bob’s Burgers”! We want to give a huge thanks to Emily’s brother S. for appearing as Eugene (He had the outfit and the keyboard, it was fate!), to Jess’s main squeeze M. for appearing as our Bob (the patriarch, a fine role indeed) and to Jeanne’s 2 T.’s, one for being our photographer and the other for posing as our illustrious burger (we’ll let you guess which one did which…).






The resemblance is uncanny!

We hope that you guys had as much fun checking in with our crazy Halloween antics (or at least smiled while rolling your eyes at our millionth silly pun) as we did putting them together. If you didn’t, good news, it’s over and we’ll be back to our usual tricks tomorrow (but fair warning, the puns aren’t going anywhere!). Until then, we wish you all a happy, safe, and fashion-filled Halloween. Now go forth and eat, drink and be scary!


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