Witch, I’m Fabulous!


Dress (Similar 1Similar 2) | Cardigan | Tights | Boots (Similar) | Necklace (Similar )

Hat (just appeared one day, not gonna worry about it)

I know all black is a bit “done” when it comes to fashion, but usually something is a classic for a reason. I tend to shy away from black, usually I am more of a brown or navy person, but something about this look really spoke to me. I was cooking the other day (ya know, stirring a pot, chanting, like you do), when suddenly I was struck with the desire to wear all black and I figured I should just go with it!




I will say, some weird things have been happening since that day. Lots of black cats gathering in my front yard (Talullah is not a fan), crows flying where ever I go, and earlier this week a guy at work really pissed me off, and he hasn’t been back since, though now there is this weird frog always hanging at his desk. Eh, I’m sure it’s all just a weird coincidence.

Alright, I’m off to watch a horror movie, perhaps “The Wizard of Oz”. That Dorothy character really gives me the shivers, but you have to embrace a little spooky for Halloween week, right? Catch y’all on the dark side!

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