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Scarf (this season’s colors) | Skirt (gorgeous similar) | Boots (similar)

In this week of costumes and costume prep, I thought it would be fun to show off a real life costume that I put together and wore for and entire day. My family volunteers annually at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, where we work in a flower garland booth making and selling garlands for charity. Now that I’m back in the Twin Cities, I was thrilled to be able to join them again. Of course, one of the requirements for working there is donning an appropriate costume… so I borrowed a peasant blouse and full skirt, slapped on a corset, and rocked it from 8am-5pm.

I even managed to get my husband in on the fun:


Mike Ren Fest
So thrilled.

Ridiculous, right? Well, what’s truly ridiculous is how even when I was dressed for the middle ages, I managed to work in two quintessential fall items: riding boots (because it was freezing and they really are made for walking) and a plaid blanket scarf (my hail mary attempt to try to tie together my green skirt and red corset). So just in case you ever needed proof that those items are timeless (and that you should DEFINITELY buy some), there it is. You’re welcome.

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