A Very FBC Halloween

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Wednesday is always an extra busy day for me. There’s just something about the middle of the week that demands MOAR productivity. Here’s what’s on the docket for today:

  1. Curl up under my desk for a nap.
  2. Walk into a coworker’s cubicle and stare them in the eye while I knock their coffee mug off their desk.
  3. Climb to new heights… then knock things off of them.
  4. Curl up on top of my desk for a nap.
  5. Wait for everyone to get super quiet and productive, then wander through the office screaming for absolutely no reason.
  6. Find a box. Sit in it.
  7. Impress everyone with my mad yoga skills.
  8. Walk across a coworker’s keyboard. Preferably while they are using it. Then curl up on top of it for a nap.
  9. Knock things over in the kitchen and wait for people to come running. Then walk away laughing.
  10. Make my personal hygiene everyone’s business.
  11. Stretch out in the middle of a high traffic area and refuse to move when people approach. Bat at their feet when they try and step over me.
  12. Find a quiet corner of the building where no one will find me. Curl up and take a nap.
  13. Tell people I want hugs. This is a lie, I do not want hugs. I want blood. Foolish rubes.
  14. Complain that I’m starving and will surely perish if someone does not feed me immediately. Walk away the moment the food is plated. I don’t need their timetable.
  15. Jump on the counters. Glare and scurry away when I get yelled at for it.
  16. Find a recently vacated chair, stick a flag in it, and claim it for my own. What’s that, you were only up to get a drink of water? Too bad, buckaroo. This is MY chair now. Curl up and take a nap.

A Very FBC Halloween A Very FBC Halloween

A Very FBC Halloween

A Very FBC Halloween

Quite the schedule, no? With all of this stuff on my plate, I think I’m going to need a nap.

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