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To echo Emily’s (and I guess my own) sentiments, I have never been a big fan of Halloween. I don’t enjoy being scared, I’ve never been one for a skin-baring costume (literally one year in college I wore jeans and a sweater to a costume party and when people asked what I was I replied “not a slut”. Bratty? Sure. Lazy? Little bit.  But definitely honest!), and despite my small stature, people are started to become a bit suspicious when I show up at their door requesting free candy (although I probably should check the calendar before I do that next time…).

However, there are two big things that I am a huge fan of.  One is this time of year, especially the upcoming holidays (Oh Thanksgiving, get ready for me baby, I am sharpening my stuffing-eatin’ fork and eyeing my elastic-waist pants!) and Halloween marks the beginning of a few really fun months coming up before we all hibernate for January and February. The second is that I love any excuse to dress festively!


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Now I am not saying I wear leaf-printed sweaters on the first day of Fall and cupid wings on Valentine’s Day (I am not an elementary school teacher from the 80’s). I just mean that I think it’s fun to embrace a bit of the festive spirit and dress accordingly. So, red and green at Christmas, red/white/blue for 4th of July (‘Murica) and of course, black and orange for Halloween. For the most part, these color combinations are not ones I readily go for, so I actually enjoy the challenge of dressing for the holidays while attempting to remain somewhat fashionable. So bring on the candy, the crazy costumes and the creepy-crawlies, because worst case scenario, I can hide inside my comfy scarf and wait it out until November.

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