Tips, Tricks, and Treats

Jess2Pants | Blazer | Top (similar) | Belt (similar) | Shoes | Clutch (similar) | Lipstick (in Red Rouge)

What do you do when you need to get into the Halloween holiday spirit, but you don’t own anything orange or adorned with skulls? It’s a conundrum, especially when you’re staring down a week teeming with Halloween-themed work potlucks and happy hours. So to start us off right, I’ve compiled a few tips and tricks for getting through this treat of a week.

Trick #1:

Attempt to scare people in lieu of festively creepy attire.

Are you scared yet?

Not the frightful type? I understand. It’s hard to be on your game all week. I recommend you try…

Trick #2:

Wear a lot of black, then squint really hard at your closet and decide that cognac is kinda like orange. Accessorize heavily with cognac leather, then throw on a camel blazer because dang guys, it’s getting cold out there. Start to walk out the door, then double back and slap on some red lipstick to keep them all distracted… just in case people start realizing that you forgot to cuff your pants and they look kinda weird.

Jess12 Jess1 Jess4

Don’t own a lot of black, but still want to get into that festive Halloween spirit? I don’t get that (not judging, we just might never truly understand each other), but I’m still here for you. Trick #3 is going to be right up your alley.

Trick #3: Wear whatever the heck you want, but carry around an actual black cat, so that people know you really care about Halloween.

Jess7 Jess5 Jess11Jess10

Thank you to my pretty Chani girl for putting up with my crap for 6 years running!

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