Sunday Seven Volume 6

Hey Friends, Jeanne here with the honor of writing the last Sunday Seven of October! So it will be extra spoooooky!

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  1. Confession time: I do not like being scared. It is why Halloween and I have never been best buds.  I am an exceptionally jumpy person with a vivid imagination, I do not need any help getting all worked up and freaked out.  However, I do enjoy the dressing up in costumes part, so I guess Halloween isn’t all bad.
  2. Speaking of costumes, I have a bone to pick with Hollywood (well ok, let’s be honest, I am a young woman trying to maintain a healthy self-image, I have like a thousand bones to pick with Hollywood). When did TV shows and movies decide that their otherwise middle class characters have like an unlimited budget when it comes to their Halloween costumes?  I mean, these people must be spending a fortune! It’s fun to look at and all, but it sets a seriously skewed precedent. Think about it, Liz Lemon has a great job but she lives in NYC and as she herself admits, one of the only things of worth she owns is a star that her aunt named after her. (Although that was recently downgraded to a gas giant.) So how exactly is it that she has the discretionary income to afford this Harry Potter costume?
    And don’t even get me started on how Kenneth the Page could possibly afford this “Austin Powers” get-up!

    I am just saying Hollywood, be realistic and have your characters put together their costumes the day before Halloween with random items they pulled out of their closet, just like everyone else! And ya know, while you’re at it, maybe look into some gender and racial equality…(but mostly, fix the costume thing!)

  3. When is too old to go trick-or-treating? Cuz this girl could use some Reese’s in her life, and I am definitely more interested in the kind that I get for free by knocking on someone’s door.
  4. These painted pun-kins by Studio DIY are hilarious and I want all of them! And yes, the whole point of DIY is you can “do-it-yourself” (Apparently, that is what the letters stand for? Mind. Blown.), but my artistic skills are limited to barely recognizable stick figures, and pumpkins deserve better than what I can offer. So should anyone be feeling punny and crafty, feel free to send the fruits of their labor (get it?) to me!
  5. One of the best things about this time of year is it means Hocus Pocus is on basically 24/7. I mean a sassy talking cat, flying vaccuum cleaners, the name “Thackery”? this movie has it all!

    My exact reaction when someone says the Sanderson sisters are not their role models
  6. For those out there who are lactose challenged like yours truly, check out this amazing dairy-free Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe. Yes it is on a Paleo website, no I am not Paleo (that’s the caveman one, right?) but it is super yummy and you can make it at home, so I say Paleo-Smaleo, let’s do it! And credit where credit is due, I was turned on to this recipe when Kimberly of Penny Pincher Fashion posted it a few weeks ago, so all thanks go to her for this one.
  7. We here at FBC cannot WAIT to show you what we have in store for y’all this Halloween, you are gonna flip! Make sure you come by every day this week to see all the treats (no tricks, we promise!) we’re putting together for you!

Have a great week everyone


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