Closet Chameleon

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Dress | Cardigan | Boots (Similar 1Similar 2) | Necklace (Similar 1, Similar 2)

Didn’t I tell you guys I’d be bringing this dress back for Fall?  I am a woman of my word. (except when it comes to questions like “Who ate this entire cake?” or “Wasn’t there a full bag of Twizzlers in here?” Then I will lie like Pinocchio.)

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This is one of those funny outfits where, rather than planning an ensemble piece by piece, I just grabbed a bunch of comfy things that I loved and got lucky when they all looked okay together.  And that made me extraordinary happy, because for the longest time my closet was full of things that I adored but that were not exactly ideal for mixing and matching. I never used to consider questions like “Do I need this?” or “Do I have anything that will match this?” when heading towards the register, which left me with a bunch of pieces that were beautiful but basically unwearable.  Now when shopping, I refuse to buy something unless I can A) prove to myself without a doubt that I do not already own something similar enough to serve the same purpose and B) think of at least 3-5 unique ways I can wear it with items I already own.  It pretty much makes impulse shopping obsolete, but my issue was never really not buying enough clothes on a whim, so win/win there.

A third win I have discovered with this little venture is that it has opened up my color palate to all these amazing neutrals and earth tones that I am surprised to say I love.  Huh, perhaps my fashion sense is evolving and I am learning to blend in with my surroundings, and therefore can hide in the shadows and eat all the cake I want without being caught.  I am definitely starting to see a real upside to this whole thing…

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