Well Vested

Jess3Jeans | Shirt | Vest | Boots (similar) | Scarf (similar)

Question: what do you wear when you have a jam-packed Sunday featuring a farmer’s market, five house showings, a 2-hour stint at a sports bar (go Jets?), and various errands, with no breaks? When the schedule dictates that you have to get up at 7am? And you’re trying to fight off Generic Minnesota Plague #2?

Answer: You wear this. The clothing equivalent of an all day hug. Your favorite jeans, plaid flannel, down vest, knit scarf, and boots. And maybe you braid your hair up, a la MinneModa, to a) get it out of your face and b) look cute as heck. And for the love of all that is holy, don’t forget the sunglasses so that no one sees how tired you look.

Jess1 Jess7 Jess9 Jess4 Jess6 And just ’cause I know you’re all wondering – we got apples at the farmer’s market, none of the houses were perfect (but that’s ok!), and the Jets won. It was a good Sunday :).


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