Sunday Seven Volume 5

Hey hey, Jess here with the Sunday Seven! It’s been quite the week!


1. As you might have seen in my post yesterday, my husband and I officially sold our house in Missouri! This means that we now get to start the super fun process of searching for a new house in the Twin Cities – which I actually really enjoy, up until the point where we have to, you know, lay out actual money and deal with inspections and whatnot. In the meantime, we get to tour the town, and see all the weird decisions that people made in their homes. Like this one:

Yes, they both work. And no, neither has a turntable.
Yes, they both work. And no, neither has a turntable.


2. The involuntary capsule wardrobe continues to be a challenge. I’ve phased out a pair of pants and two skirts because they didn’t get worn, and I acquired some new things. While I’m enjoying the challenge of using what I have in the most creative ways possible, I’m really looking forward to finding a house and rediscovering the rest of my stuff (and not being scared to buy a new snuggly oversized sweater for fear it won’t fit in my dresser)


3. Did you see the sweet shout out to my puppy on Instagram this week? He had several health scares over the past week and a half (the causes of which were about 50% him being old, and 50% him making poor life choices). We’ve made a lot of new friends in multiple vet offices, but as of this weekend he is officially on the mend. Which is good, because nothing breaks your heart quite like a sick old dog with sad eyes.


4. Speaking of dogs, I bet we could all use a few more motivational pup in our lives.

5. It’s no secret that of the three of us here at FBC, I’m the only one repping for the double digit sizes. As one of the “in-betweeners” out there, I really appreciated this post from Franish this week. I highly recommend giving it a read.


6. My husband is from New York and roots for the Mets, so this has been a HUGE week in our household! I am not the biggest sportsball person myself, but who doesn’t love a good underdog story? Hoping they continue to do well against the Cubs!


7. In closing, I leave you with these faaaaaaabulous boots I found at DSW the other day. Don’t worry, I ended up getting these instead.


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