There’s No (Place Like) Home…

JessLook2.3Shirt (similar) | Jeans | Scarf (similar 1, similar 2) | Shoes

Things in this  picture that I currently have in my possession:

  • My favorite jeans (which you can rip from my cold dead hands, thankyouverymuch)

Things in this picture I no longer have in my possession:

  • Cute navy and white striped shirt (thanks, capsule wardrobe)
  • The best floral patterned scarf ever (closet space issues again)
  • My favorite mint green nail polish (just straight up poor planning, there)
  • Some kicky red pumps (you can’t see them, but they’re there…and not in the capsule)
  • Bangs (serious question: should I get them back?)
  • The actual house I’m standing in front of – BECAUSE WE SOLD IT, WOOOOOO!

JessLook2.4 JessLook2.2 JessLook2.9 JessLook2.11While I definitely miss this outfit (and those shooooooes…), I am SUPER EXCITED to have Operation: Sell The House From 500 Miles Away over and done with. All props go to our excellent agents, who got us from listing to closing in less than 42 days.

Now on to the next adventure – Operation: Find A House We Can Live In Until We Die Because Oh My God That Sucked And I Never Want To Do It Again (don’t worry, it’s just a working title). Stay tuned for some hilarious and terrifying updates from the bewildering frontier of house hunting! Highlights include “You need HOW many microwaves, now?” and “That wallpaper – WHY.” It’s going to be great.


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