3 Girls 1 Item: Blazing a Trail


As we have mentioned a few times on this lovely blog of ours, the real impetus for the three of us to start “Fashion By Committee” is we ladies worked together and found ourselves consistently showing up to the office in the same items of clothing and yet somehow styling them completely differently.  Thus, the idea for a blog was born.

One of the first items that all three of us purchased separately and often had to text and confirm we weren’t all wearing on the same day (yes, we actually did this) is this gorgeous and versatile blazer from Target (back this season in a bunch of other amazing colors and patterns, thank God!). We thought it’d be fun to reminisce about the good ole days and show you guys a few of the fun ways we have styled this blazer in the past, and maybe give each other a few cute ideas for the future. And away we go!

The original purpose of the blazer was to show your coworkers that you are a #girlboss and wear the shoulder pads to prove it! Luckily, the shoulder pads and the suit with sneakers look are both extinct (RIP and stay there!), but a blazer is still a great way to top of a work look and show you mean business, like Jess is rocking here with her perfect for Fall burgundy pencil skirt and white blouse:

JessBlazer2Top (similar) | Skirt | Necklace (way prettier similar)



B*tch is the new black y’all, we are here to get stuff done and look good doing it!

It is also nice to give your blazer a day off every once in a while; let it goof around, go to brunch, take a stroll.  A blazer can add such a great sense of structure and warmth to your favorite weekend jeans and booties combo, as Emily shows here:


Jeans | Shirt | Necklace (same style, in mint) | Sunglasses (similar) | Booties



Popped collar = Super Baller.

Finally, sometimes it’s fun to split the difference between all business and day off style, the blazer equivalent of a casual Friday.  Jeanne paired her blazer with dark jeans, black boots and a super snugly scarf, and then added a belt to mix it up a bit, give the blazer a saucy feel:

Jeanne2 (2)

Jeans | Scarf | Boots (Similar 1Similar 2) | Belt | Sunglasses (Similar)


Jeanne3 (2)

Looking around for an F to give, alas one cannot be found.

So, whether it is work or play, the blazer (accompanied by some serious sass) can do it all!




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