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This past Saturday, T. and I attended the wedding of an old friend from DC. You would think that as someone who had a Fall wedding, getting dressed for a just such an event would be a breeze.  However, the only other Fall wedding I have even attended was in fact my own, and my look for that was pretty much all figured out from day one (and while I’d love to wear that dress again, I assumed that most brides would not look kindly on their guest also wearing a wedding dress on their big day, no matter how fabulous and fall-themed it may be). As I combed through my closet, I realized that all the dresses I owned were perfect for Spring/Summer events, but not so great for October. Which lead me to two unique yet simultaneous thoughts. Number One-Time to go shopping! (Like I need an excuse…) and Number Two-wouldn’t it be fun to put together my thoughts on what makes my ideal Fall event look. (and if you’re asking “fun for who?”, the answer is me.) So check out below for my Fall Function Fashion Fundamentals! (Alliteration-also fun for me).

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1) Sleevies for your Armies: I know that 99.9% of cocktail dresses are sleeveless, and that is great 99.9% of the time. But in the Fall and Winter, I think sleeves on a dress are kind of fun and make it feel a bit more seasonal. Plus ya know, it’s practical, which it not usually something I look for in any of my clothing choices, but is definitely a plus when it comes to those cooler temps.

2) Paint With All the Colors of the Wind: One of the best things about Fall weddings it is totally opens up your color options to those lush, jewel tones.  A burgundy or forest green dress would feel a bit out of place at a Spring wedding, but fits right in come September.  And yes, you can wear black all year round, but I like to dance at weddings and black does not get me in the mood to shake my groove thang, ya feel me? Plus, it shows where I spilled white icing on myself, which will inevitably happen.

3) What A Feeling: Just like with color, Fall events mean you can rock a dress in all sorts of fun textures and fabrics that would be way uncomfortable in the Summer sun.  I mean, a suede or leather cocktail dress? Yes please! A full taffeta skirt? Why not! I went with lace personally, which is a bit done, but I am all about getting away from the gauzy fabrics of summer and trying out something a bit more structured and unexpected.

4) Location, Location, Location: This is really true for all events, but when trying to put together the perfect look, the best place to start is the invitation.  Most of the time, the invite is done in the colors that will be used for the event.  Lord knows you don’t need to match exactly (in fact, don’t, that’s super weird), but it can help narrow down your options if you want to play within the color scheme. Also, pay attention to the location of the ceremony.  Is it in a church? Maybe avoid the bandage dress. Is it outside in a field? Bring a pair of flats.  Seriously, that little piece of paper can give you so much information that no matter the occasion, you’ll be dressed like you helped plan the thing.

Honestly, it is nice to have all these guidelines, but when it comes down to dressing for any event, just wear something that makes you feel beautiful and confident.  Because Lord knows when you’re out there on the dance floor belting “Don’t Stop Believing” while pretending your cocktail straw is a microphone, you’ll be thankful that at least you look good doing it!




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