Blazing Camels


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After spending the past 4+ years working in a series of completely unwalkable suburbs, one of the things I am enjoying most about my new life in the Twin Cities is that I get to work in Downtown Minneapolis and everything I need is within a 5 minute walk. Sure, there are downsides (like the delightful city traffic, the nonstop construction noises right outside my office, and the constant struggle to get a good spot in the parking garage). But I can walk down a flight of stairs and grab a slice of artisan pizza, or through the skyway to get sushi, or down the street to a bar after work. And once it gets snowy, half of these places will even deliver! It’s magical, I tell you.

Jess1 Jess7 Jess4 Jess6 Jess5On this particular day, a coworker and I were walking to one of the many nearby coffee shops for a latte, and it was just so incredibly pretty out (you’re really nailing the fall weather this year, Minnesota), I had to be That Girl and haul my camera out of my bag to snap some pictures. Thankfully my coworker is a rockstar, and was willing to snap a few pics of me on our way back to the office. Remember back in my wish list where I talked about being excited to pair a camel blazer with gray and black? Mission accomplished. I love it just as much as I expected I would.

Good life motto. Have a great week, everyone!

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