Sunday Seven Volume 4

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means?! Sleep. It’s time for another installment of the Sunday Seven! Super excite, amiright? Here are some of the things that have been rattling around in my head space this week:


  1. On Friday night, I saw a pretty incredible adaptation of Alice In Wonderland put on by COCA here in St. Louis. A troupe of dancers ranging in age from 7 to 27 illustrated Lewis Carroll’s most famous story through vigorous hip hop. It was super cool and also reminded me how crazy out of shape I am, so…1c280b3199dabac93573d07fa7328523
  2. As I walked through Target today in my ubiquitous black leggings and my Starbucks cup firmly affixed to my right hand, I realized that I had become a walking, talking basic white girl meme (complete with messy bun and sunnies). So… there’s that.
  3.  My weekends have been pretty jam packed since June. While I’m happy and excited to be so busy, I’m also in desperate need of a recharge. I’ve got a final season of Parks and Rec that needs watching and a Hobbit/Lord of the Rings marathon calling my name. But since my schedule doesn’t show any signs of letting up at the moment, for now I’ll just have to settle with reading ParksAndRings (you’re welcome in advance). 
  4. Can we take a moment to talk about Sara Barielles? We can? Great, because let me tell you, that lady is the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas, and all that super good stuff. As if being a 5 time Grammy nominee, the brain behind half of my favorite music (if my life were a sitcom, Sweet As Whole would be the (super mouthy) theme song), and one of the best acts I’ve ever seen live weren’t enough, now Ms. B has added author and musical theater composer to her repertoire. I’m absolutely dying to see Waitress, but since I don’t live anywhere near the east coast, I’m just going to have to settle for listening to this on repeat (that is until Sara’s album dedicated to the project comes out on November 6).  
  5. I’ve been resisting the gel nail polish trend pretty hard. It just seems like so much work, you know? You either have to go get your nails done (never have I ever) or you have to buy some kind of convoluted kit that has a weird light and extra steps. Obviously the beauty industry has met (lazy) folks like me before because it didn’t take too long for them to start formulating regular nail polishes with gel-like staying power. I’ve just started dipping my toes into the forever polished end of the pool, but I gotta say I’m enjoying CoverGirl’s XL Nail Gel at the moment. If anyone has any easy one step faves, let a girl know! I’m feeling adventurous.
  6. How many pairs of shoes is too many pairs of shoes? Asking for a friend…
  7. Finally, there’s a tiny sliver of weekend left, so I’m going to soak in the last remnants of sun and enjoy it! I advise you to do the same.

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