Heart of Monochrome


Sweater | Skirt | Booties | Necklace | Earrings

I don’t know what it is about this Fall, but when it comes to getting dressed, I have really been all about the monochromatic look.  Usually, I would consider it a personal challenge to try and fit as many colors and patterns into one ensemble (basically riiight on the boarder between super stylish and “Did you wear that on purpose?!”-Yes, I was actually asked that once. How is that even a question? Can an adult get dressed “on accident”? Nope, not dwelling on that at all..). However, recently I have found myself sticking to one color and sticking hard.  Perhaps it is because now it is still dark when I get up in the morning and one color is all my little solar-powered brain can handle. Whatever the reason, I am trusting my instincts and embracing the monochrome all the way.





My little secret to making a monochrome outfit feel stylish and flattering rather than boring and blah is to play with the textures.  I love the look of two pieces that match in color but then add complexity through different fabrics, like this blousy cotton sweater and my striped silky midi skirt.  I just added a few neutral basics, like my favorite booties and some easy gold jewelry and boom, monochrome-tastic! (Did anyone else read that last word as Melissa McCarthy’s taste test character from “SNL”? If not, you are missing out my friend).  So yes, colors and patterns will always be there to get me out of a few jams (maybe even just half a jam?), but there is nothing wrong with every so often playing it a bit more one note.

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