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FBC- Emily's Little Red Dress

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Any fashion magazine on the face of the planet will tell you that there are basic staples that every wardrobe needs: black pants, a white blouse, black and/or nude pumps, the ubiquitous little black dress, etc. I would add one more must have to that wise list: a power item. Every gal needs at least one item in her closet that she can slip on and immediately feel like the biggest badass that ever took on the world. Think about it! Hilary Rodham Clinton was born to rock a pantsuit, JLo has cornered the market on sheer red carpet gowns, and Gabourey Sidibe will wear whatever the hell she wants to and look fierce as hell doing it, thankyouverymuch. As silly as it may seem, the simple act of putting on that one perfect item can change a girl’s entire outlook and make her throw her shoulders back and maybe stand a little straighter.

FBC- Emily's Little Red Dress

For me, this dress is perfection. The color makes me feel unstoppable, the cut makes it look like my legs are a million miles long (and my butt is existent), and the pockets only amp up my thirst for world domination.

FBC- Emily's Little Red Dress
Wait…Did she just say this dress has pockets?
FBC- Emily's Little Red Dress

Now the perfect globe conquering attire can vary greatly from person to person. While a little red dress may make me feel confident enough to go toe to bow-bedecked toe with a dragon, it might resemble an extra tall pair of heels or a don’t-mess-with-me leather jacket to someone else. I encourage everyone to take up the quest and track down their own grail. You’ll know when you’ve found it. Trust me.

FBC- Emily's adorabow shoes

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