Gray Day, Gray Dress.

Jess4Dress | Blazer (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Booties (similar)

Here’s an easy one-step process to figure out how my day is going:

Step 1: Check out how I’m wearing my hair.

Down and flowy? I’m relaxed and happy.

Up in an easy bun? Working hard!

Pulled back into a simple ponytail? Some serious shit is hitting the fan and I need that mess out of my face, stat.

In this particular instance, I had just navigated a successful day of important meetings (hence the slightly dressier than normal attire), and was just starting to drive home… when my car started making some of those noises. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that say “hey…. heeeeeyyyy…. hey I’m broken and it’s for real serious and you’re sure as heck not getting out of this one for less than $500″

I tried to ignore it (there’s lots of cars on the highway at rush hour, it’s probably that Saturn over there making that noise, right?). I made it home, took these pics, and felt super proud of myself for convincing the world that a pajama-y swing dress was appropriate meeting attire… but it’s clear by the fact that I had distractedly pulled my hair back into a pony that I knew, deep down, that it was MY car for whom the grindy-screechy noise screeched.

Jess6 (1) Jess3 (1) Jess10 (1)Jess1

And sure enough, less than 48 hours later it was in the shop getting 239487354 parts replaced (apparently you need these crazy things called “brakes”, who knew?), and I was watching all of my money drift away.

The good news is that the car was fixed in less than 12 hours (yay!), for less than I thought it would cost (double yay!), and I got to add this comfy-yet-professional monochromatic ensemble to my swing dress repertoire (all of the remaining yays!).

And of course, I still had this lovable mug to come home to.



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