Better Dressed Than Never

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You would think as someone who spends an inordinate amount of time researching and analyzing fashion and trends, it would be super easy for me to get dressed everyday.  Well, you could not be more wrong (I know, I’m shocked too!).  Every morning getting dressed is less like a 90’s movie montage and more like a high-stakes game of Tetris; trying to fit all the pieces together in the perfect way, getting frustrated and throwing something across the room (is that not how you play Tetris?).

So you can imagine my absolute heart-stopping terror the other night when at 7:35 PM, my husband looked at me in my ripped sweatpants and t-shirt that is old enough to legally drive and and asked “You ready to go?”. You see, up until that moment I was certain we were meeting people at 9:00 PM but apparently we had said 8:00 PM. Yes, I know I am always late (I like to think I am just in a slightly different time zone…), but 5 minutes late is a cute quirk, an hour late earns me judgmental looks the Dowager Countess would be proud of. So, with literally 10 minutes to get myself presentable, I grabbed my favorite LOFT jeans, a striped blouse, and my new leopard loafers (yet another Target win!), threw on my leather jacket, looked in the mirror and thought “huh, this actually works!”. Wasn’t it Plato who said “necessity is the mother of invention.”?  Well, he nailed it. I may have put this outfit together by accident, but I have been wearing it on purpose ever since. Maybe I should start sleeping in later, really give myself that rush on a daily basis? High risk yields high rewards!




IMG_3236IMG_3235IMG_3233Ok, so maybe not, but I did learn that sometimes in the pursuit of the “perfect” outfit, you can look past something really great. I may not be able to put together a carelessly cute ensemble in less time than it takes to reheat my coffee everyday, but from now on I am going to do my best to take the stress out of getting dressed and save the throwing things for playing with Talullah.

Yes, you!
Yes, you!


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