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I am an inveterate online shopper. I love to fill up shopping carts of stuff I will never buy (the online version of window shopping, I think). Plus, being able to do it from the comfort of my couch, and knowing immediately whether or not something is available in my size and in my preferred color… well, that’s pretty great.

But there’s always going to be something special about walking through a store and physically being able to touch things before welcoming them into your closet. And nowhere can you touch such varied items (with such wildly fluctuating levels of “oh hellllllllll no”) than at a thrift store. I don’t go thrifting often, but I rarely regret it when I do. Case in point: the Goodwill trip the other day that brought this skirt into my life. It’s extremely similar to a J Crew Factory skirt I’ve been eyeing all season, for exactly 1/10th the price. Can’t argue with that.

Jess10 Jess8 Jess6 (1) Jess4 (1) Jess2 (1)And of course, no thrift store trip would be complete without that one item that’s so horrible you can’t even believe it exists. So here you go. A casino themed shirt… with real coins glitter glued to it. You’re welcome.

 Thrift Store Shirt

2 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

    1. The one in Bloomington, on Lyndale (I think). Highly recommend! They had a lot of high quality items, and it was pretty well organized. There was also a pretty well stocked Halloween section, which was a nice surprise.

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