Girl Meets Menswear

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As many of you may have noticed (you know, if you have eyes…), it is a rare occasion that I wear pants. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just when I am getting dressed I tend to reach for a dress or skirt rather than a pair of pants. Maybe it is because I am petite (5’2″ for those keeping track at home) and finding pants that fit right can be a Sisyphean struggle (just me, a bolder, and the too-long legs of my pants fightin’ the good fight).  Maybe it’s because I like the silhouette that skirts and dresses provide.  If I am being truly honest, it’s most likely because the waistline on 99% of pants is very inhibiting after a good lunch (don’t act like y’all don’t feel me!). Whatever the reason, pants and I are less BFFs and more like that work acquaintance you have that you’ll nod and smile to in the hall, but don’t quite remember if her name is Ann or Jan…(It’s Rebecca).

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Jeanne3Jeanne1All that being said, when I do find a pair of pants I love, I wear those babies like it’s my job (Note to self: look into career opportunities that involve getting paid to wear clothes. Oh right, modeling! Note to self 2: get taller). I found these little lovelies about a year ago on the sale rack at a Banana Republic and literally tried them on as some sort of sadistic “These are gonna look horrible on you, you silly person” test of fashion faith.  Luckily, the devil on my shoulder was wrong, and I haven’t looked back.  I love the almost Diane-Keaton-on-the-town vibe they give off, plus they are so soft and comfy they almost feel like a skirt (welp, just solved the mystery of why I like them…). So look at that, even this super feminine skirt-clad girly girl can wear the pants (ahem…the tailored trousers) every so often.

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