Sunday Seven Volume 2

Hey guys, Jess here with some thoughts, cool stuff, and questions to wrap up this glorious fall weekend. And no. None of the questions are rhetorical. I wanna hear your answers in the comments. And then I want you to bake the muffins. And then we can all be happy together.

  1. Possibly the worst things about this move is that I had to leave my hair stylist, Suzie. Suzie and I had been together since 2009, and not only did she know my hair like no other, she was never afraid to tell me no (trust me, everyone needs a hair stylist willing to tell them no). I miss her like crazy. So STL folks, go see Suzie at Salon St. Louis, and MSP folks… help a girl out and recommend a new stylist? Pretty please? In the meantime, you will find me longingly sniffing all of my favorite Aveda products, trying to recreate that new haircut smell.

    It takes a strong soul to handle this mess.
    It takes a strong soul to handle this mess.
  2. I’ve had a frustrating week (personally, professionally, and everything in between). I’ve been dealing with it by spending lots of quality time with this booger and filling many online shopping carts with things I will never buy. How are you de-stressing this week? I need some new strategies, because I’m getting tired of smelling like old fritos post dog snuggle session.

    Aww, good Gouda
  3. My smallest, least significant frustration of the week was going to Starbucks for a delicious seasonal latte (Toasted Graham FOREVER, you guys)… and being given a normal white cup instead of the pretty fall version. #basicfallproblems
  4. One of my favorite things to do to kill time on the internet is to look at pretty houses on Zillow (please tell me you do it, too). Since we’re actually going to be buying a new house sometime soon-ish, I DO look at houses that are actually in my price range…. but that gets old quick, and I start swooning over unattainable dream houses. Check out my recent favorite here – especially this dressing room: IS1fo7azpj2tmg1000000000
  5. Speaking of houses, I’ve always been more than a little in love with unique residential architecture. My dream has always been to buy an old (abandoned but classically style) church and renovate it into a single family home…. which is exactly what these people did (and did so well it literally made my jaw drop). I cannot get over how well they placed all the emphasis on the old stained glass windows while still creating a modern, livable space.
  6. Unfortunately for Emily, it is DEFINITELY still pumpkin season! I may not be a fan of the PSL, but I AM a fan of baking and baked goods. In that spirit, please have my favorite recipe for pumpkin muffins. Perfectly moist, intensely flavorful, and uh-mazing when warm.

    Vegan Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins from Averie Cooks
  7. Spoiler alert for later this week: my September budget did NOT go well. In my defense, Audrey from Putting Me Together is right – Old Navy really IS killing it right now. Which brings me to this questions I posed on Twitter. I really need an answer, guys. Preferably before Thursday when I have to report on my budget this month.


So how was your weekend? Do anything fun? What do you like to bake in the fall?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Seven Volume 2

  1. A2: Walk along the river or through some woods or over crunchy leaves. Write some verses. Strike a couple yoga poses. Phone a friend 🙂

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