I’m A Lumberjack And I’m Ok

Fall #flannel, vest, and boots | Fashion By Committee

There’s a certain way that you should dress when you know you’re going to be trying on lots of clothes. Flats, for one. Slip on shoes in general. Minimal layers. Definitely no jewelry that needs to be arranged just so under a collar. Basically, your outfit should come on and off in about 5 seconds flat for maximum ease of shopping.

So naturally, knowing all of that, I prepared for an epic trip to one of those Goodwills (you know, the ones packed with Banana Republic, Limited, and Express cast offs) by putting on 3+ layers and boots. In my defense, I was crazy excited about legitimate fall weather and couldn’t stop myself from breaking out the flannel, boots, and puffer vest.

Ridiculous layers or not, the trip was still a total success because I found a dead ringer for this skirt in my size for only $3.99!

#Fall #Flannel | Fashion By Committee #Fall #Flannel | Fashion By Committee #Fall #Flannel | Fashion By Committee #Fall #Flannel | Fashion By Committee

Speaking of amazing finds, can we talk about this vest for a minute? I caved in August and ordered this vest from my fall wish list while it was on super sale… and then immediately regretted dropping that much money on an item I didn’t know I would wear a lot. So back it went.

What I really needed was a starter vest, one I could play around with for a little while before committing to a forever vest, so to speak. I was walking around Costco, of all places, when I found this one for a whopping $17.99. Does it have all the pretty trimmings and quilting of the J. Crew Factory model? No. But it fits, it’s warm, it’s softer than a baby bunny, and it’s exactly what I need right now to fully embrace that lumberjack lifestyle.

#Fall #Flannel | Fashion By Committee

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2 thoughts on “I’m A Lumberjack And I’m Ok

  1. I always dress up to go shopping—which means I have to take off 2-3 layers and my heels to try on anything. You’d think I’d have learned by now. Your vest looks great on you, btw!


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