Mixing It Up

Jeanne6It wasn’t until literally 5 minutes ago that I started incorporating patterns into my wardrobe (and if you saw last Thursday’s Instagram post, you know I just spent a long time combing through old pictures, so I have physical proof that this statement is accurate). So when mixing patterns started to come into fashion, I was completely overwhelmed. I mean, I was having enough trouble wearing one pattern, and now you want me to wear two? That’s twice as many! (In case anyone is curious, no I was not a math major.)





Once my (totally unjustified) panic settled, I realized mixing patterns can be super easy, super fun, and a great way to find harmony in an outfit while still showing a lot of personality.  The best part is it doesn’t always have to be a huge statement. Like here, I just paired my favorite navy striped dress with a polka dot scarf in a similar color pattern and tied it all together with a mustard sweater and my favorite brown booties.  It’s definitely more subtle, but I think it gives the look that little something special that I know I am always striving for.  So perhaps I am a pattern savant after all! Anyone have a piano I can sit down at and immediately know how to play without ever having learned? Pretty sure that’s how this whole savant thing works… (In case anyone is curious, no I was not a psych major.)

Dress | Sweater | Scarf (Similar 1Similar 2) | Boots (Exact [very limited sizes], Similar) | Earrings | Sunglasses

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